why the adivasis deny they are poor

Why the Adivasis In India Deny That They Are Poor

Often from perceived notions of power, and learned modernity, Adivasis have been seen as poor and deprived by outsiders. However, Adivasis in India deny that they are poor and challenge this notion. Studies have shown that there is scientific evidence to indicate that the diverse cropping practiced by Adivasi communities is in fact in tune with long-term […]

India's Adivasis Are The Protectors of Our Forests

India’s Adivasis Are The Protectors of Our Forests

Adivasis or the aboriginal population of India has always lived in close proximity to the jungles. Adivasis are the protectors of our forests. Many densely forested regions, especially in Central India are dominated by these tribes. There’s been an increasing discussion regarding their perceived socio-economic backwardness and lack of basic amenities. While we struggle to solve […]