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A mushroom grows in a natural forest of Mr. Loknath Nauri who was part of the GHI study 2016 in Kerendiguda village, Odisha, India.
A mushroom grows in a natural forest of Mr. Loknath Nauri who was part of the GHI study 2016 in Kerendiguda village, Odisha, India. Photo credit: Enrico Fabian. Commissioned by Welthungerhilfe.


Forest dependent communities and Adivasis in India represent some of the poorest communities in the world. With close to 40% of them living in extreme poverty, helping them is an uphill task. As an organization, Living Farms aims to remain independent so that we are able to help the communities without any additional interests or distractions. We accept no donations from private corporations and solely depend on your donations and help.

  • Donate as an individual: We are grateful for your donations and support in helping us conquer the world of food insecurity and malnutrition in forest dependent communities. Our projects are very hands-on and have a direct impact on the communities that we closely work with. For transparency, we are more than willing to share project progress, impact and details with you, if you decide to make a donation. 
  • Support research with a grant: We're painstakingly working on research topics including sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, maternal and child health. Our research then flows directly into training and workshops with communities and Adivasi groups to help them in these processes. We're happy to share independent third party evaluations of our projects, and transparent details with you, if you support a research project. Our projects in the past have been rated effective and very relevant by independent auditors.
  • Buy a subscription to our content: Very often, Living Farms produces magazines and books in Oriya and English. They come for a nominal price. Your subscriptions for the content help us create and generate more interesting and useful information bulletins for the community and our volunteering researchers. 

How to donate or support us: We accept bank transfers, demand drafts and cheque payments to our bank account. 

The details are: SBI A/C NO. 30535665478, State Bank of India, Lewis Road Branch, Bhubaneswar. Naturally, you can write to us with any details that you may need prior to a donation.

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Spread a word about the cause

We live in a social world. Yet, Adivasi communities in India have led a marginalized life often away from public eye. We respect their traditions and choices about staying distinct and true to their roots. However, we need support and encouragement from various quarters to be able to help them better. This has meant creating a circle of friends, supporters, donors, volunteers and researchers for us to be able to constantly support the Adivasi community.  Your help in generating interest towards the challenges the community faces is most relevant. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Support us online: In this new world driven by technology and social media, we hope to use the power of networks to reach more supporters and build a community of support for the cause of the Adivasi community. We would love your support on our social media pages. We are on Facebook and on Twitter. From sharing our messages, your thoughts, to involving your friends and family, we hope to create a larger and more engaged community with your help. 
  • Connect with us on our monthly email list: Every month, Living Farms creates a newsletter that we send out to our support groups, donors, volunteers, researchers and email supporters sharing our progress. It is most important for us to get your feedback, comments and also share our learning with you. You help us see things from a new perspective. Poverty, malnutrition and hunger are not issues that are solved in a day. But we're hopeful with your support and encouragement, we will be on the right path together. 
  • Write about us: We would love to share our learning and knowledge with your communities.We work on topics of food security, forest management and sustainable agriculture. We have also gained a lot of experience working with various forest dependent and Adivasi communities in India that we're happy to share our thoughts on. If this is a topic you are working on whether for your research, an article or a blogpost, we are more than happy to contribute. You are also welcome to visit us or seek specific information on any of our projects that you wish to write on.

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Volunteer For the Community

In changing the world and helping forest dependent communities fight hunger and malnutrition, we need encouraging hands. You can be a change agent for real lives. We're immensely grateful for your support.  You can help us globally or from Odisha, India. Here are a few areas where our volunteers make a great contribution towards changing real lives:

  • Communication & Media: We're always looking for communication experts and supporters who can help us by writing articles, posts and social content. This helps us spread the vision of sustainable living practices in the Adivasi and forest dependent communities to break the code of food insecurity. More specifically, we are looking at experts who can volunteer for- writing web copies, social media content, spreading a word about our campaigns, creating compelling posters, brochures, videos and other media/communications material. This helps us reach more volunteers, supporters and create a community to help the cause of the Adivasis we are working for.
  • Research: Living farms works on sustainable agriculture, re-orientation of forest management practices, addressing malnutrition and the challenges of food security. If research and documentation are your areas of interest, then we would love to have your research expertise in furthering the cause.
  • Hands-on training and events: We work closely with the Adivasi and forest dependent communities on several ground level programs. We cover topics such as sustainable agriculture, maternal and child malnutrition, forest regeneration among others. If you would like to participate in our events and trainings programs and support these, you're welcome to volunteer and be a part of them.

Volunteering for a cause like this is not only your contribution to the small communities that we work with, but also something that we're certain will leave you with a feeling of gratefulness and joy. We also encourage you to pass this on to your friends who may be interested in volunteering with Living Farms and learning more.

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