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Research & Publishing

As a social organization deeply involved in food sovereignty and fighting hunger for Adivasis in India, Living farms is on the forefront of research in this area. We have published magazines, articles and knowledge pieces in peer-reviewed journals to share our learning and best practices with the community. Our research has also tried to benchmark […]

Adivasis in India and forest dependent communities Living Farms work

Festivals & Events

In the past years, Living Farms has organized several events and festivals related to bringing the challenges, issues and tradition of the Adivasi community and forest dependent communities to the forefront. We recently organized a unique “Food festival” bringing together a community of Adivasis from 15 states in India on a common platform. The communities […]

Adivasis in India and forest dependent communities workshops

Capacity Building Workshops

Living Farms organizes capacity building workshops with Adivasi and forest dependent communities. The workshops usually cover the concept of LANN- linking agriculture, natural resource management with nutrition. We specialize on addressing nutrition issues of Adivasis and forest dependent communities. The workshops we’ve covered in the past have covered topics around improved and sustainable agricultural practice, […]

10 Things You Did Not Know About Adivasis in India

Adivasis in India mostly live a marginalized and neglected existence. It is unfortunate that even after so many decades of the independence, a huge majority of such disadvantaged communities remains far removed from the mainstream amenities. Many lag behind in economic and social development. The communities suffer from widespread poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity. However, they also possess extraordinary […]

India's Adivasis Are The Protectors of Our Forests

India’s Adivasis Are The Protectors of Our Forests

Adivasis or the aboriginal population of India has always lived in close proximity to the jungles. Adivasis are the protectors of our forests. Many densely forested regions, especially in Central India are dominated by these tribes. There’s been an increasing discussion regarding their perceived socio-economic backwardness and lack of basic amenities. While we struggle to solve […]